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The New Mazak VARIAXIS i-800T

At Antron, we have a number of great machines from Mazak. They are an important part of what we do every day. But the technology in their new machine really caught our attention. At the 2016 IMTS (International Manufacturing and Technology Show) in Chicago this fall, Mazak will debut the new VARIAXIS i-800T a machine designed to help enhance milling operations and boost productivity, especially for manufacturers in the aerospace industry. It is a full 5-axis milling and turning machine but with the notable addition of integrated cryogenics technology.

With 5-axis and liquid nitrogen cryogenics, the machine not only delivers high processing efficiency for aerospace components, but also prevents the detrimental white layers typically generated when machining those parts from materials like titanium, nickel, Invar and other exotics.

The specific Mazak demo at IMTS sounds amazing. They will demonstrate the machine by cutting an aerospace jet-engine part using an 80-tool magazine and a 10,000-rpm, CAT-50 spindle for milling speed and power. The machine’s trunnion-style tilting table and multi-tasking capability allows users to reduce the inaccuracies that occur when parts move across multiple workstations, eliminate work-in-process inventory and increase overall throughput.

In addition, the cryogenics help significantly increase cutting tool life by freezing the tools from the inside out, keeping their cutting surfaces in a frozen state. This means that zero heat or thermal effects transfer to the work pieces, which allows them to maintain their base material integrity.

We are always excited to see advancing technology like the VARIAXIS i-800T and when it comes from one of our trusted partners like Mazak, it’s even better.