Antron Clinch Nuts

Antron Engineering & Machine is a Raytheon authorized manufacturer of clinch nuts. Originally produced by Braman Screw Machine Company beginning in 1956, Antron took over production in 2009 when they acquired Braman.


Raytheon part numbers 364-1001P1 through P35 (AKA Pt # 2448653-PX), 364-1015P1 through P13 and 364-1020P1 through P35 (AKA Pt #350699-PX) are still
produced by Antron today.

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Pt #364-1001P1 through P35 (AKA Pt # 2448653-PX)
Nut, Plain, Clinch

Pt #364-1015P1 through P13
Nut, Plain, Clinch

Pt #364-1020P1 through P35 (AKA Pt #350699-PX)