Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Antron Engineering is the leading innovator in contract manufacturing and a value-added partner to the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs.)

We gather all the necessary components, combining them with our machining services to produce either semi-finished or finished products for our clients.

Our state of the art technology allows Antron to give our customers an edge by manufacturing products in smaller quantities but at either a larger quantity price or larger quantity prices.

As an example, Antron Engineering uses screw machines that maintain tight tolerances on both ends of the product. These machines have auto feed systems reducing time in process, which means lower costs for the customer.

In our turning department, Antron has machines that allow for quick set-up and operations resulting in production
consistency. We are able to pre-set jobs off-line, which reduces the on-line set-up time increasing spindle utilization.

Antron Engineering utilizes our own unique form of cell process technology. This allows parts to be assembled within small specialized areas available for a range of productions. We maintain a closed area with a separate air system for the kind of clean environment required for mechanical / electromechanical assemblies, and printed circuit board building, testing and repairing. Whether on one machine or several, our tools guarantee perfect repetitive production ensuring that a client’s project runs or can be completed with minimal supervision.

At Antron Engineering you get high-end design, engineering and manufacturing; a flexible and responsive production structure; and the ability to utilize a range of production, assembly and testing services, all in one place.

This has made Antron the leader in the highly-competitive global contract manufacturing industry.


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