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Antron News & Insight

Atypical Prototype Solution

Antron Engineering & Machine was recently featured in an article from Cutting Tool Engineering Magazine, which outlined their problem-solving approach to a unique aviation component. Recently a client was looking for a better way to produce a precision part necessary for controlling hydraulics in airplanes. Antron came up with a solution using an angle head from Eltool Corp.

Antron is known as a company that finds solutions for their clients; helping them produce more reliable parts and products more efficiently and economically.

As the article outlines, the challenge was milling a slot in a small-diameter bore, and the slot had an interruption and a large depth-to-diameter ratio.

Anthony Denietolis, president of Antron explained that the previous method of planing the slot was slow and inaccurate. The solution came from the creative use of an Eltool angle head, which produced the part features in 8 to 10 minutes, about 20 percent of the time that the planing method would have consumed. In addition the Antron solution will do the job at a 60 to 65% cost savings for the client.

For details about the project including the specifications, you can read more at Cutting Tool Engineering Magazine.