Antron 6S Work Environment Protocols


At Antron Engineering & Machine we always work to maintain exacting industry standards, and we are proud to follow the 6S work environment protocols. With these in place, we are able to be efficient, productive and above all, safe.

It starts with what is known as the 5S methodology, which helps improve housekeeping and standardize processes, making them more efficient and less stressful for employees. The “S” in the name comes from the Japanese words that make up the key elements of the 5 stages of 5S. When translated they are Sorting, Straightening, Sweeping, Standardizing and Sustaining.

  • The goal of Sorting is to remove all of the clutter and all unwanted items from the workspace.
  • Straightening is the stage where you organize all of the remaining items, using ergonomic principles to locate items where they minimize movement and reduce stress.
  • Sweeping refers to the cleaning and painting of the work area to bring it to a “new” standard.
  • Standardization is where you standardize the previous stages of the method by ensuring common color codes and ways of working.
  • Finally, the Sustaining step is where you work to make the process part of the culture of the company.

All of the 5S steps are important to a highly functioning, efficient and enjoyable place to work.

But the 6th S adds an important final piece. Safety.

Safety as a part of your workplace methodology forces you to concentrate on safety aspects of your production process, reviewing every action and each area to ensure that you have not overlooked any potential hazards.

At Antron, the 6S methodology is an important way we guarantee quality and efficient productions for our clients, and a safe, healthy environment for our work force.